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            Call Or Text Your Lawyer


            We have lawyers that handle the following types of cases:

            Client Reviews

            Watch What Past Clients Think About Working With Our Team


            “The night after the accident, after speaking to the insurance companies, I decided to look around for the best top trial lawyers in the area, and I came across Denmon Pearlman. I’m very happy with my choice choosing them. Communication with myself and the firm is easy, very smooth, they very thorough with everything, and as soon as I had a question, they would get back to me right away if not the next day, within a few days.”

            The success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case, therefore, we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients.


            “I got married later in life, and my only hope was … my dream was just to get married and live happily ever after, raise a family and things just didn’t work. And one of the things I learned is not everybody plays by the rules. Sometimes when it comes to family issues and families people will go to any extreme to do anything, whether it’s right or wrong in order to get their way across, and if I didn’t have good legal counsel step in, I would’ve been lost.”

            The success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case, therefore, we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients.


            “It felt good to have someone in my corner of his caliber, incredibly knowledgeable, knows the system inside and out, and was able to take care of my case in a timely fashion. It was very easy to stay in contact with these guys. In fact, most of the time, they got ahold of me before I got ahold of them. These guys have shown up at my house just to make sure that I was okay, that I understood what was going on in my case, and whether or not I had a doubt, they were there, they were reassuring. It can be a scary thing, being arrested, going to jail. No matter what your case is, these guys know exactly what they’re doing and were able to take care of it in a very timely fashion with the right result, and there’s no question in my mind of where I would go next time for the same result.”

            The success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case, therefore, we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients.

            2 Week No obligation Guarantee

            Work with us for 2 weeks. If you want to leave and work with another attorney or law firm we will refund your money. No questions back.

            Our Partners

            christian denmon

            Managing Partner and Trial Lawyer

            lee pearlman

            Partner and Trial Attorney

            nicole denmon

            Managing Partner and Trial Lawyer

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Why should I hire you guys?

            Our team has been recognized for their work in and out of the courtroom. We have five lawyers recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as “Top 100” Trial Lawyers in Florida. Martindale Hubbell has rated us AV Preeminent, which is the highest peer rating standing. And we have 5 Tampa Bay Lawyers who have achieved a perfect 10/10 rating on AVVO.com.

            But more importantly, you need to have free communication with your lawyer so you rest easy and get the best results. You have our lawyer’s direct line so you can text or call anytime.

            What does it cost to hire you guys?

            For our injury and motor vehicle wreck cases we work on a contingency fee. That means we get paid a percentage of what we recover for you. No recovery, no pay!

            For our family law and criminal defense clients, we charge either fixed rates or utilize traditional billing. We need to get to know your story first so we know what services you actually need. Then we can quote you a price.

            Can You Make any Guarantees to the Outcome of My Case?

            We can never and would never guarantee results. But we can guarantee that you’ll be happy.

            We can guarantee that you’ll be happy with our work when you hire us. That’s why we offer a 2 week no-obligation trial period. If after two weeks you want to leave let us know and we will refund any money paid, and get your file organized for your new attorney.

            Next Step if I want to hire you guys?

            It’s often best to have a consultation with an attorney before signing on the dotted line. You want to make sure you have all your questions answered and know what to expect along the way. To set a consultation simply give us a call

            I’ve had attorneys who suck with communication. How will your team communicate with me?

            We will update you on the progress of your case weekly. Have a question? You’ll get a case-specific text number so you can text your team at your convenience. Want to talk to your lawyer? You’ll get your attorney’s direct phone line

            How can we help you?

            Here to help when you need it most

            Ashley Ziegler
            Ashley Z.
            15:43 20 Feb 20
            If you need an amazing lawyer call Lee pearlman! He is the best out there! I highly recommend him. Anytime I need him he is always there very very reliable! I wish I could give more than 5 stars that's how great!Thank you for all you do!
            Johan Sebastian Bos
            Johan Sebastian B.
            01:27 08 Feb 20
            Got me out of the worst time of my life.
            Christina Bosco
            Christina B.
            15:39 03 Feb 20
            I would absolutely recommend Denmon and Pearlman to anyone in need of legal services! Lee Pearlman is hands down one of the most professional and efficient attorneys, His associates are just as knowledgeable, and they Immediately responded to any of my inquiries. I have found my firm for life and would recommend them to anyone I come across. Thank you so much for all of your support and services throughout my situation.
            koty swanson
            koty S.
            22:27 25 Jan 20
            Many thanks to Perlman and stuff For everything you've done for me and my family. Without you life would be much different.
            Jacob Braden
            Jacob B.
            17:34 21 Jan 20
            Lee pearlemen was absolutely the best and he really focused on my case. He is the man to go to whenever you need help.This was my first charge and I was scared until I hired Lee pearlemen. absolutely the best decision I could make. I owe him a whole lot and I have no regrets .If you need a good lawyer Lee Pearlemen is the man to go to!!
            Reggie Scott
            Reggie S.
            02:12 18 Jan 20
            Best lawyers ever they fight for what you deserve. They fight for the unexpected if you ever need a good lawyer this is the place to go they are straight forward honest and the most caring lawyers you would ever need. Don't ever think of going anywhere else but denmon pearlman
            Michael D
            Michael D
            14:14 20 Dec 19
            Alan Brock
            Alan B.
            15:33 19 Dec 19
            My experience working with Justine have been top notch. She is always available, willing to put in the time, and communicates extremely well. I will likely return with future legal needs.
            krystal Speeler
            krystal S.
            20:50 15 Dec 19
            Lee Pearlman and his team are great! if your thinking of allowing a public defender in the adult system represent you I would strongly encourage you not to do that, but to call these people! They have done nothing but achieve positive quick results. I want to specifically thank Shadi! He is so eager and motivated. He keeps in touch with you and explains everything every step of the way. He was so great that he showed up to court on THANKSGIVING morning. Who does that? Shadi does! Thanks again Shadi and Lee!
            Kyle D
            Kyle D
            13:50 10 Dec 19
            Shadi was very prompt and courteous in keeping me up to speed on a case. He is very responsive and a great asset to the Denmon team.
            Christine Ekstrom
            Christine E.
            19:34 05 Dec 19
            This past Tuesday, I got into a car accident that was frankly, quite scary. The experience left me disoriented, shaken, and overwhelmed with what "next steps" needed to be taken. Thanks to Nicole Pearlman, and the whole Denmon & Pearlman team, I didn't have to worry about those next steps. They quickly took over and set me up with medical appointments, a rental car, car inspection.... leaving me the ability to focus on spending those initial hours processing the accident and later, days spent on healing physically and emotionally. In a world where billions of people reside and yet we still often feel alone, that was never the case during this chaotic week. Never did I once feel alone in this whole process and I am incredibly thankful for their kindness to my nephew and I and their expertise in these matters. Denmon & Pearlman, especially Nicole Pearlman, WILL be there for you during life's most challenging experiences.
            Amer N. Fackih
            Amer N. F.
            20:27 03 Dec 19
            First Class Service every time! Prenuptial Agreement, Traffic Court, Lawsuits, Wills, Auto, Defense... I've used them and continue to use them for everything....Personal and Business....Very consistent... THEY MAKE IT EASY!Thank you for all you do Paola!!!
            Ashley Pelegrin
            Ashley P.
            15:53 03 Dec 19
            Everyone I dealt with in that office was amazing. Made the entire ordeal as easy as possible. Shadi Fackih took care of my case, and he made me feel comfortable and confident in his ability to represent me. Was very quick in responding to all of my questions. Would definitely recommend him.
            jim echols
            jim E.
            15:00 23 Nov 19
            The most down to earth and professional law firm I have been too. I wish I had used them years ago.
            jenna gordon
            jenna G.
            20:48 21 Nov 19
            Thank you to Justine Roof for being so knowledgeable and helpful! She is a passionate, reliable, hard-working professional. I recommend her to everyone I can!
            amanda gold
            amanda G.
            00:52 15 Nov 19
            Hello I would first like to start by saying I would highly recommend this law firm to my friends and family! They are very caring and respectful people. They took care of me and my family in our time of need! Thank you guys! We appreciate you all 😊
            Lorenzo Matthews
            Lorenzo M.
            00:48 15 Nov 19
            Nicole pearlman was great always informing on info.also very nice and did a wonderfully job was easy to get ahold of really cared and wanted to help to make sure you was feeling better doctors that she sent me too were great i would use them agin and if needed i know there there to help anyone in need
            HIPPIE BOO
            HIPPIE B.
            19:34 13 Nov 19
            Kim Short
            Kim S.
            02:39 06 Nov 19
            Justine Is knowledgeable, listens and gives great service.
            Ranae Albright
            Ranae A.
            21:17 03 Nov 19
            I was in a difficult situation and felt overwhelmed. I spoke with Justine and she took the time to really hear what I had to say. She helped me more than she even knows. I would recommend her to anyone.
            Dana Osborn
            Dana O.
            22:52 01 Nov 19
            Amazing place to work with, with an exceptional team. Justine Roof was who helped us, she was very knowledgeable and caring. She made sure to go over everything in great detail and answered all our questions and concerns. She is now my go to and as everyone knows those are rare finds. I would definitely reccomend her services.
            Taylor Boyle
            Taylor B.
            16:34 01 Nov 19
            I had a wonderful experience with this knowledgeable firm and highly recommend attorney Justine Roof for all your family law needs!
            Karen O'Hara
            Karen O.
            23:54 29 Oct 19
            Matthew Garcia
            Matthew G.
            20:28 29 Oct 19
            Lee worked hard and treated me like he was representing a family friend! The entire office staff were very attentive and I was able to get the best outcome possible! Thank You LEE!!! UPDATE!!!!! Exactly As I was told is exactly what the outcome was in the end! The best case scenario happened due to the skill and hard work of this firm!!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!
            Arye Rodriguez
            Arye R.
            11:47 24 Oct 19
            Renhua Huang
            Renhua H.
            01:06 10 Oct 19
            My experience with the whole team of Denmon Pearlman was great. Chris is nice and professional and Paola always replied my emails promptly and kept me updated with the whole process. The whole procedure was quick and efficient and I just needed to sign a few documents on-line and made a couple of calls. Less than 2 month, I recovered a good amount of money for my damaged vehicle from the default party. Highly recommended.
            Joseph Genoese
            Joseph G.
            16:44 08 Oct 19
            Called Denmon Pearlman for help with a speeding ticket. Whitney answered and was very polite and professional on the phone. She set me up with one of their lawyers very quickly. In the end they got my ticket dropped and i never even had to go to court! Recommend this firm!
            Devon Kulka
            Devon K.
            23:58 05 Oct 19
            Chris Denmon was my attorney. He did an excellent job in representing me. The entire staff was so helpful and they always kept me in the loop. I would recommend this office to anyone! Thanks so much for your hardwork!!!
            amilkar valenzuela
            amilkar V.
            17:09 22 Sep 19
            Lee Pearlman.
            Melissa Morris
            Melissa M.
            14:30 20 Sep 19
            The Denmon Pearlman team is none other than excellent! With a dealth in my family, I was in need of an emergency Guardianship right away. Nicole Denmon didn't hesitate for one moment, submitting documents that day. With Jake Pilsbury by her side prepping and their assistant Ashli Medwinter right at their side. Ashli went as far as driving across town to my work so I could sign documents for her to submit the same day. This wasn't just another case or more money in the account, they genuinely cared about my family. Ensuring I fully understood, they explained every step of the way and answered all of my calls and emails promptly. With the utmost professionalism, sincerity, and respect, I highly recommend this lawfirm. We wont ever be contacting another lawyer outside of their firm again. From my family to yours, Denmon Pearlman team, we sincerely Thank You!
            Briyana Nunez
            Briyana N.
            15:48 19 Sep 19
            I couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer to help me when my grandfather passed away. Nicole’s assistant Ashli really made this whole process a little easier with her continuous kindness. I would definitely recommend Denmon Pearlman for any legal needs.
            Josephine Grella
            Josephine G.
            18:29 12 Sep 19
            I feel comfortable working with my Attorneys as well I especially appreciate the fact that I am assigned my Paralegal Paola is great, She’s Bright, Kind, Always gets back to me Attorney Denmon is a Great Attorneys I must say he also has a very good personality as well he’s on top of everything, They Speak to you as a Person not just a client ,I would highly recommend The Law office of Denmon & Pearlman to Family, Friends, as well happy to share my experience with a Professional Law Firm.. Thank you all....
            E Bo
            E B.
            19:50 11 Sep 19
            Great attorney! This is definitely the guy to go to! My case carried a prison sentence and thanks to Lee, I walked away with a few months house arrest. Thank you again Lee Pearlman!
            Jana Easton
            Jana E.
            22:28 10 Sep 19
            February of 2019 I ran into a very problematic legal matter, it put my healthcare license and my very livelihood on the line. I didn’t have anyone to turn to and my family left me on my own, I was lost and, honestly, things were looking bleak. I was recommended Mr. Lee Pearlman and went to meet with him, without much hope for how things would turn out. Not only was Mr. Pearlman understanding of the situation, he was so friendly and calm that my problem seemed less like the end of the world and more like an unfortunate bump in the road. It took a couple of months but he fought for me to return to work and explained the process so that I could actually understand the legal lingo. It has taken more time and dedication than I ever thought, but my life is back on track and I cannot thank Lee enough for fighting for me. I had very low expectations for how things would turn out, but Lee blew them out of the water and helped me more than I thought possible. If you are looking for someone that won’t judge your mistakes and will try his hardest to help you, I cannot recommend Lee Pearlman enough. He and his staff were always so nice and I will genuinely miss seeing them all.
            Daniel Hammond
            Daniel H.
            15:52 02 Sep 19
            Denmon Perlman is an awesome law firm to work with. Eden at the front desk was always a delight to talk to. Would recommend them to anybody.
            Kyle Manderscheid
            Kyle M.
            02:58 30 Aug 19
            I would highly recommend Jake Pillsbury and the Denmon Pearlman firm to anyone in need of legal services. Mr. Pillsbury was available and fully committed to me and my situation immediately and on extremely short notice--early Sunday morning. From beginning to end, Jake provided nothing but exceptional service and can say with full confidence the quality Jake and his firm provide is without comparison.
            Kieta Traeye
            Kieta T.
            14:54 08 Aug 19
            Newly Divorced as of 08/06/2019! I just wanted to say Thank you to my attorney @ Denmon Pearlman Klarika Caplano. She will get it done and got it done! She is awesome and will fight for you, no matter how big they are! #yourpeaceisworthit
            Ariel Delgado
            Ariel D.
            20:31 02 Aug 19
            (Translated by Google) I recommend this very good lawyers' office. The lawyers are very competent and effective. The secretaries also serve you very well and help you in whatever it takes.(Original)Les recomiendo esta oficina de abogados muy buena los abogados son muy competentes y efectivos también las secretarias te atienden muy bien y te ayudan en lo que haga falta
            Leslie Metz
            Leslie M.
            16:06 01 Aug 19
            Christian did an amazing job defending me in a long drawn out case regarding child support that I receive. He fought to keep the child support I receive the same while opposing counsel was trying to see that it would be significantly lowered. Christian did great at capturing and delivering the scenario for the judge to see the whole picture. Christian and his team consisting of Emily and Whitney worked together to make sure that all of our bases were covered and we had everything in order prior to going in front of the judge. I am so pleased with the outcome and recommend Denmon Pearlman to anyone. Their office is very professional and you will feel like you are part of their team, not just a client!
            Kelli Becton
            Kelli B.
            22:12 24 Jul 19
            Denmon Pearlman were a huge help and major stress relief when our son was in a serious accident! They took care of all the details so that we could concentrate on our family. We're so thankful they were recommended to us.
            bob b
            bob b
            18:50 23 Jul 19
            Im giving this one to Ashley. What an incredible person. Very nice and knowledgable . I honestly dont think i would of gotten through my troubles with out her. Lee was goid too...lolI HIGHLY recommend this firm !!!!
            Mark Alec Gratton
            Mark Alec G.
            16:17 23 Jul 19
            When faced with a difficult and heartbreaking situation, Jake, Nicole and Lee met me with trust Respect and compassion. They were the Beacon of light in a dark sky. Jake worked with me and fought tooth and nail to defend my rights. Thank you Nicole, Thank you Lee. Thank you Kiki. And most of all Thank you Jake. Without your expertise in law and great relationship with the court my fate would of been sealed. Thank you
            William Naabe
            William N.
            17:33 17 Jul 19
            When I needed a law firm to help with a tricky auto accident case that was going nowhere, Denmon Pearlman were exactly what I needed. They guided me through the proper channels to ensure my best interests were guaranteed and procured a settlement that was more than fair. Chris Denmon and Nicole Pearlman both played key roles in the outcome and I'd like to give special thanks to Ani and especially Paola as well. This was definitely a team effort, and I am glad the firm of Denmon Pearlman was on my side. Thanks again to everyone.
            Susan Murtha
            Susan M.
            19:04 14 Jul 19
            I would highly recommend Denmon Pearlman to anyone needing legal services. Nicole Pearlman is an excellent attorney whose knowledge and expertise in law provided me with an auto accident settlement that paid out what I was entitled to. Her thorough examination of the auto policies and contact with the auto insurance companies allowed this to happen. I am very satisfied with the how quickly a settlement was reached. Nicole was also always available any time I had questions and provided the answers I needed. She kept me updated regularly on the progress of my case. Nicole treated me with courtesy and respect at all times. I am grateful to have had Nicole in my corner and all of the hard work she and the Denmon Pearlman staff put into promptly settling my case. Michael Murtha
            Christopher Arbutine Jr
            Christopher Arbutine J.
            15:51 28 Jun 19
            i want to thank Mr. pearlman for the best lawyer experience of my life. from the representation, to visiting me in jail on easter, to the early termination. i would 1000 percent recommend him to anyone. i am greatful for him to take pride in the work he does. keep up the good work man.
            Nikki Inlow
            Nikki I.
            18:29 06 Jun 19
            I’m not good with words (I’m a math major) but Lee Pearlman is amazing to say the least. He is attentive, cares about his clients and gets the job when others can’t. I can’t say enough good things about him. If your looking for a quality attorney who offers fair rates... you’ve found him. I will never recommend anyone else. Pearlman for the Win!!!!
            Chris Charlton
            Chris C.
            15:57 30 May 19
            Nicole Pearlman stuck with it and did a great job for me.
            Shimon Fhima
            Shimon F.
            18:17 28 May 19
            Iris Sribman
            Iris S.
            21:25 27 May 19
            Eden was a great help when i asked a few questions at the front desk. Will definitly be recommending Denmon Pearlman to everyone.”
            Sabrina Estes
            Sabrina E.
            20:02 27 May 19
            I had the great pleasure of consulting with Jacob Pillsbury about an issue that I needed quick assistance with. Not only was Jake quick to respond, addressing my concerns and worries, but he also went way above and beyond in looking at my situation and determining what needed to happen next. He was very compassionate and helped put my mind at ease. He is clearly very good at what he does and cares a lot about people - so rare with attorneys these days. I really enjoyed consulting with him and would absolutely use his services if ever needed again.
            Alexis Pilkington
            Alexis P.
            00:51 03 May 19
            I would highly recommend the Denmon Pearlman Law group based on the knowledge of the company's staff and how willing they were to offer assistance and consultation for a legal inquiry of mine. Whitney was diligent and friendly and went above and beyond to assist me. Her phone presence and customer service skills proved highly marketable. Every person I have met and spoke with in this firm is professional, experienced, knowledgable and they really care about their clients.
            Daniel Dejesus
            Daniel D.
            13:37 26 Apr 19
            Bridgett Chavez
            Bridgett C.
            12:46 26 Apr 19
            Whitney Pilkington is a fabulous member of the team! She works hard and is always determined to do her best!
            Michael Scott
            Michael S.
            17:38 25 Apr 19
            Thank you Nicole Denmon and the law firm for making me feel safe and helping me with my case. Whitney her assistant helped me day by day and made sure my case was taken care of properly and safely. Thank you for your dedicated determination and hard work. I definitely recommend using Denmon Pearlman.
            samantha brown
            samantha B.
            17:03 25 Apr 19
            I was recommended to Denmon and Pearlman through a friend, and i am so glad for that. They're a wonderful firm, and care so much. The receptionist Whitney was MORE than helpful, and I highly recommend this firm to others.
            Daniel Adam
            Daniel A.
            20:33 24 Apr 19
            I highly recommend Lee Pearlman and his team at Denmon Pearlman Law Firm. Lee’s experience, professionalism, and compassion for his clients are second to none. Lee was referred to me by a fiend and from our very first conversation I knew he was a great choice in representation. Going through legal troubles can be terrifying, Lee assured me he would do everything he could for my case and he certainly delivered on this promise. I also had the pleasure of working with one of Lee’s co-workers, Jake Pillsbury. My experience with Jake was just as positive as my experience with Lee, so you can be assured that you’re getting consistent quality service from anyone at Denmon Pearlman Law Firm.
            Nichole Plumley
            Nichole P.
            14:36 18 Apr 19
            Ashley Boisvert was so great to work with when it comes to dealing with a not so great situation! I highly recommend Denmon & Pearlman.
            Jeannine Fiallo
            Jeannine F.
            16:54 11 Apr 19
            5 starts all the way! Not once did Mr. Pearlman ever make me feel rushed by all of my questions. Topnotch law firm, I would recommend all of my friends and family to Denmon Pearlman.
            Chris Lampe
            Chris L.
            17:09 10 Apr 19
            I originally reached out to several firms in the beginning of my search and soon started to realize the way I was being treated. It wasn’t until I spoke with Angela via social media with Denmon Pearlman that I received the information I was looking for on my issue. Since reaching out to Denmon Pearlman I have decided to use their services.
            Kamron Nelson
            Kamron N.
            12:17 09 Apr 19
            Denmon Pearlman is a firm that is there for YOU. Yes, they have other cases, but their teamwork and communication makes you feel as if you are their priority. When my friend Angela Timko recommended them, I was a bit hesitant as I was already invested in another firm. I gave them a chance and they knocked the case and the experience out of the park. Thanks guys!
            David Corrigan
            David C.
            20:40 05 Apr 19
            Denmon Pearlman and Whitney are the best.
            Nicole Parks
            Nicole P.
            14:14 05 Apr 19
            Chris did a fantastic job, his assistance and insights were greatly appreciated.He and his assistant, Whitney, were extremely professional and always kept me informed along the way. I couldn't be happier with the service denmon pearlman provided and would recommend them to my family and friends.
            Fred Syers
            Fred S.
            13:43 05 Apr 19
            This was my first time time dealing with an attorney. I was very much surprised with how Denmon Pearlman showed care and concern and with their accuracy and how they followed up on everything they said they were going to do. The sfaff is excellent. I hope I don't have use a lawyer again but if I did I would definitely choose Denmon Pearlman again. And .I would recommend them for sure.
            Max Timko
            Max T.
            12:41 05 Apr 19
            I was looking for a law office that I felt would be a good fit. I reached out via social media and spoke with Angela Lucas who informed me of what I would need to do in order to get started. Her advice really helped me make a decision. I was looking for a firm that provided good communication and great customer service. That is want I received moving forward with Denmon Pearlman.
            Heidi Thompson
            Heidi T.
            04:25 05 Apr 19
            Denmon pearlmon comes highly recommended from a friend went into the office to meet with them Whitney stood out the most with her positive attitude. Felt like I was in good hands.
            Vlad Syakov
            Vlad S.
            03:13 05 Apr 19
            This firm has helped me with multiple cases their receptionist Whitney has great communication skills. All their lawyers are strong. Only one time did I have a case in an area of law they didn’t practice and they referred me to another strong lawyer in that field. I’ll always call denmon pearlman first!
            Justin Corsa
            Justin C.
            02:57 05 Apr 19
            Denmon Pearlman was there for me when I going through serious family issues. My lawyer Christian and his assistant Whitney always were there for me when I needed to update them or when I needed updated. This is a wonderful law firm!
            Caitlin R
            Caitlin R
            02:51 05 Apr 19
            I hired Denmon Pearlman for help with a custody battle and child support case. This is an organized firm with an amazing staff, Whitney always kept me informed on what was going on. Very strong firm and happy with the outcome of my cases.
            Lauren Cockels
            Lauren C.
            02:46 05 Apr 19
            Went into Denmon Pearlman and the girl at the front desk Whitney answered the questions I had about divorce. She was very informative. Recommend this firm
            Maritza Mazzini
            Maritza M.
            21:51 03 Apr 19
            Incredible staff and attorneys. Their main goal is to help their clients and make them feel like family. Paola was really attentive and always answered to all my questions.
            Ashley Brown
            Ashley B.
            20:38 03 Apr 19
            The customer service from Whitney was excellent! I would definitely recommend Denmon Pearlman to my friends.
            Sarah Lucas
            Sarah L.
            09:44 03 Apr 19
            Nothing but great things to say about this team! They help you understand what comes next and always offer the best advice. I started following their FB page and knew this was the team I wanted standing behind me! You rock Angela Timko!
            G K
            G K
            23:21 02 Apr 19
            You cant go wrong with the team at Denmon Pearlman. Jake Pillsbury faced a difficult case with my son. After his arrest, my son was so traumatized by his situation that he turned into a recluse and was difficult to contact and to deal with. Jake's persistence, knowledge of the law and brainstorming paid off big time. He managed to have my son's charges reduced and saved him his driving record and the expense of facing a DUI. Hats off to you Jake.
            Tina Martins Cruz
            Tina Martins C.
            21:45 02 Apr 19
            I can’t say enough about this office. From the very knowledgeable attorneys to the dedicated and courteous staff, Denmon Pearlman is definitely the office you want by your side in a legal matter. Their public relations person, Angela Timko, does a phenomenal job showcasing the firm and the attorneys giving someone searching for a lawyer the comfort and confidence in that they are choosing the right attorneys for their legal matter. Definitely a big two thumbs up!
            Kelli Ostheim
            Kelli O.
            20:47 02 Apr 19
            I had searched for a while for an attorney and am so grateful that I found Denmon and Pearlman. They were so helpful throughout us working together. They were patient, organized, and I felt that my concerns were a priority to them. I was thankful I had them to represent me. I would absolutely recommend them to a family member or friend. Their website is also straightforward and easy to use. Angela Timko did a great job.
            Melissa Savage
            Melissa S.
            16:18 02 Apr 19
            If you are in need of an awesome legal team. you want Denmon Pearlman. From the front door to the back their staff is amazing Lee Pearlman is amazing he has been by my side giving me the best advice and the reassurance I needed throughout my case when he wasn't available another part of the team would step in. They genuinly care about their clients and their well being they guide you every step of the way and are always available to address your concerns. They are passionate about what they do and helping people. If you want trusting support by your side don't look any further call Demon Pearlman today.
            Nanci & Caleb M
            Nanci & Caleb M
            15:14 02 Apr 19
            Denmon Pearlman are the most reliable and competent attorneys in Florida. They are inteligent and dedicated to obtain the best results for their clients. And their staff is second to none! They are equally reliable and dedicated to their clients. The entire team at Denmon Pearlman is by far the team you will want to represent you in court. And Angela Timko we absolutely love your work on social media. You really portray the team of lawyers and staff one that would make anyone proud to have as theirs.
            Heather Baginski
            Heather B.
            14:52 02 Apr 19
            Denmon and Pearlman is amazing! Each member of the firm cares deeply about its clients and Angela is awesome!
            13:26 02 Apr 19
            Great firm that helped me and my whole family when we needed it. No one knows how much an accident can impact you until you are dealing with it. Denmon Pearlman had my back. Whitney, their receptionist who was the first person I spoke to was very empathetic. You can tell this firm actually cares! Highly recommend for your personal Injury needs.
            Jeremy Moye
            Jeremy M.
            00:38 02 Apr 19
            Great staff and attorneys! They truly take pride in making sure their clients get the best personal service. I would highly recommend this firm to all my friends and family!
            Rna Drwh
            Rna D.
            23:55 01 Apr 19
            Well I don't know where to begin, I'm crying for my joy that lifted from my shoulder. I cant find the right words to describe how I feel at the moment. Klarika Caplano and the team stood by me throughout my child support arrearages. They were aggressive when necessary, kept me focused, were very responsive, and I felt like they were with me every step of the way through a very difficult time in my life. They know the law and understand what hard-work means. Highly recommend
            Jenny Collett
            Jenny C.
            00:20 31 Mar 19
            Needed help with some legal matters and this firm had my back! The phone girl Whitney was so informative and sweet! Denmon Pearlman is fantastic!
            Chris Collett
            Chris C.
            00:00 31 Mar 19
            Love Denmon Pearlman and their assistant Whitney. They’re the best ! Highly recommend this firm for any legal needs
            Camryn Wolfenbarger
            Camryn W.
            23:44 29 Mar 19
            Whitney the family law assistant always kept me updated on my divorce and was always very polite and patient on the phone with me. Denmon Pearlman has a great staff!
            Jordan Harriott
            Jordan H.
            13:47 29 Mar 19
            I was in a bad car accident almost a year ago and Denmon Pearlman helped me out with my settlement. Whitney, one of the assistants, kept in contact with me every step of the way. They were very nice and answered all of my questions. They were also prompt at returning my calls. I would definitely recommend them.
            Maryann Wilson
            Maryann W.
            00:39 29 Mar 19
            I wanted to give thanks to Nicole Pearlman with Denmon Pearlman a big thank you for getting me through a very rough divorce. She always had my back.
            Ashley Wilson
            Ashley W.
            00:23 29 Mar 19
            I would highly recommend Denmon and Pearlman. Nicole Pearlman was a godsend. She was there for me every step of the way answering every question I had with patience.
            Kelin Fenton
            Kelin F.
            22:18 28 Mar 19
            Picking a law firm is undoubtedly a tough decision. Well, I am very thankful to say, Denmon Pearlman was the right choice. Whitney set me up with attorney Christian Denmon and they both gave great attention to my needs and did so with care, compassion, and hard work. In the end my cases were solved and the outcomes were in my favor. This firm really worked hard to explain and inform me of the process. They always looked out for my best interest. This firm was a true blessing during a very stressful time in life. I am so thankful for all they did to resolve my disputes and would recommend this firm to any one in need of great representation.
            Britany Pilkington
            Britany P.
            14:16 28 Mar 19
            I was going through an awful custody case. I was recommended to Denmon Pearlman & I highly recommend this firm to everybody. They exceeded my expectations & they won my case!! I won full custody & there's no better feeling than that. I want to give a huge appreciation to Whitney. She was super communicative with me through my case & highly efficient. She was very thorough & gave me premier customer service. So thank you Denmon Pearlman for making my unpleasant experience pleasant.
            Jon Chinchilla
            Jon C.
            00:19 28 Mar 19
            Denmon Pearlman is staffed with amazing attorneys that know how to work out a personal injury case. Specifically, Jacob Pillsbury and Nicole Pearlman are fantastic lawyers who make it clear that your case is more than just about money. If you're looking for quality representation by attorneys who will put the needed time and effort into your case, give them a call.
            Sarah Harlan
            Sarah H.
            20:59 27 Mar 19
            Spoke to whitney about a family incident that occurred. She was very professional. I recommend Denmon Pearlman
            Zach Crivelli
            Zach C.
            18:21 27 Mar 19
            Awesome attorneys and staff!! Helped me when I was in need and Whitney always kept me up to date on what was going on with my case ! Definitely recommend Denmon Pearlman
            Abigail B
            Abigail B
            17:04 27 Mar 19
            I want to thank Denmon Pearlman for great customer service, especially Whitney who went above & beyond to make sure all my needs were met.
            Ileen Hawk
            Ileen H.
            16:14 27 Mar 19
            I can`t say enough great things about Nicole Denmon and Denmon Pearlman! Nicole is excellent and trustworthy. I highly recommend Denmon Pearlman.
            Brenna Richardson
            Brenna R.
            01:48 27 Mar 19
            Jake Pillsbury has assisted me with a number of issues through the years, including recently when he stopped a bogus debt collector from harassing me. He and the staff at Denmon Pearlman are always professional, kind, and prompt with response times. When someone I know needs a lawyer, I will always refer them to Denmon Pearlman.
            Trish Lawrence
            Trish L.
            01:27 24 Mar 19
            I cannot say enough about the Demon Pearlman law firm. I was brought to the firm by attorney, Jacob Pillsbury regarding my personal injury case. Mr. Pillsbury and the firm have been there for me always very professional and always available to me. I would highly recommend.
            Matthew Solomon
            Matthew S.
            19:27 22 Mar 19
            The office is clean and well organized. Eden at the front desk answered all my questions and helped me Immensely. Thank you.
            ashley guerrediaga
            ashley G.
            15:36 22 Mar 19
            Denmon Pearlman is a firm I would definitely recommed, especially Paola Mazzini, she was great and helped me with all my questions!
            Tripp Foose
            Tripp F.
            18:09 20 Mar 19
            Good firm , my personal experience was primarily with Paul K. he was great and the interactions I had with the rest of the team was awesome as well , hopefully I do not need these guys again in my future , but if I do I will surely give them my business if they handle what needs to be done.
            Isak Zenkic
            Isak Z.
            19:59 12 Mar 19
            This man and his team go above and beyond for all their clients and I’ve gotten to witness it first hand ! I am beyond words and overcome with joy with the ability of Mr.Pearlman and his staff! Highly recommended !
            Maja Pranjic
            Maja P.
            22:28 05 Mar 19
            If you are looking for great and experienced attorneys, don't look anywhere else.
            DAN CORNELL
            DAN C.
            17:24 01 Feb 19
            Just had my first meeting with Christian Denmon! Christian went above and beyond my expectation on making me feel at ease while still answering all of my questions. Christian knows his stuff! I will refer Christian and his firm to anyone I know. Sometimes you just run into people that care and do the right thing. It is refreshing and that is what you will get with Denmon Pearlman Trail Lawyers.
            Resale Recovery LLC
            Resale Recovery L.
            15:21 11 Jan 19
            Having had contact with many law firms has convinced me that Denmon Pearlman stands out for its commitment to place its clients interests above all else and to obtain results quickly. .
            Shatedra Rutledge
            Shatedra R.
            10:49 09 Jan 19
            I was referred to this law firm last year. From the very first conversation with Annie, I knew I was going to be cared about and tooken care of. Every single issue I had with doctors or clinics, Denmon Pearlman solved it with no hesitation. The first time I spoke with Mr. Pearlman was satisfying, he takes no bs from anyone who treats his clients unfair. It gets better though, Mr. Denmon is amazingly intelligent, the way he formulates his words, in a way that helps me understand. During an ongoing case, I guess it's normal to have questions and worries, and when I called to vent about how the case affects me, I never get ruhed off the phone. Oh and I cannot forget the nice lady name Keisha, who answered the office phone one day and did over and beyond her job. Keisha responded more like a caring friend, she didn't just take my message and send me on my way. She listened, and sometimes that's all someone needs. I know this may be long and drawn out but man, This law firm exceeds all my expectations and I wish I could give them a 10 star rating. Thank you so much for actually sticking by your word.
            Brad Bush
            Brad B.
            03:30 09 Jan 19
            Prompt professional staff! Highly recommend for family law needs! Klarika and her team lead with compassion and resolution.
            Matt Young
            Matt Y.
            20:34 08 Jan 19
            We worked with Klarika Caplano to purchase our first house. My wife and I found the 陕西福彩app官方下载 of our dreams but neither us or the seller had a real estate agent. We instead hired a real estate attorney to help us with the process and I highly recommend doing so and even more highly recommend hiring Klarika. From day one thru closing (and even after the title company wanted something changed), she made us feel way more confident. Thank you!
            Jon Appleton
            Jon A.
            21:17 03 Jan 19
            I have personally had the opportunity to work first hand with attorneys Lee Pearlman and Klarika Caplano, as well as multiple other members of the firm’s staff. The attention and dedication I received is top notch, and they are always available to answer questions or address any concerns. This firm will do everything in their power to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.
            Local Business Owner Pinellas County
            Local Business Owner Pinellas C.
            22:08 02 Jan 19
            We are a locally owned business in Pinellas County. I highly recommend the services of my attorney Mr. Lee Pearlman. He is a Shark not a dolphin. If you want a shark to win your case, look no further. I found Lee to be eloquently spoken, hardworking, caring, and compassionate which is a critical component required to help his clients who are emotionally charged at times due to the stress which ensues by getting thrown into the court system. I was falsely arrested 3 times by nobody other then the corrupt sheriff’s department while operating an established legal business. The deputies that work for the corrupt sheriffs need to get fired for their actions. If not for Lee, I would have had to plead guilty to an offense against me. The Sheriffs have dozens of falsely documented reports without any validity, no investigations. I am the victim. They are the lazy fabricators who couldn't solve a crime or a case if their life depended on it. It's a real wake-up call that thieves can steal from a business, then rely on the good old deputies to back them up. Our business has suffered immensely both financially and reputably, not to mention the pain and suffering they put us through by arresting an owner. These officers have exhibited ill will against law-abiding citizens. All of the contrived statements they filed in hopes to hurt our business are nothing short of despicable. We have been harassed, manhandled, threatened, and intimidated, by these cops who need to be dealt with by a lawsuit. Around here the deputies, and their superiors are ignorant, and just short of senseless morons who have used their uniforms to attack an honest tax paying business entity which pays sales taxes, corporate taxes, employment taxes, and property taxes. The nerve of them. This aggression will not stand anymore. Every citizen should be concerned when they can get arrested simply due to an officers uneducated opinion. For the sake of brevity, we had to hire a criminal defense firm led by Lee Pearlman twice in one year. Both times he showed the court system that we were falsely accused of numerous charges including assault, battery and resisting arrest. None of these charges were remotely proven to be accurate or true; They were simply contrived. It took Mr. Pearlman and us a full trial to spell out the letter of the law to the misguided legal system. If you have any legal issues, I highly recommend hiring Lee Pearlman to go to trial. Don’t plead guilty when you are not. The system is full of plea bargains. It’s a terrible business. I am grateful beyond words for Mr. Pearlmans due diligence and interest in helping us win. He is worth every penny. Also, he is passionate for his clients, and we never ever felt he was after anything but our well-being. Thank You Lee, you are our Champion. You know who this is… Sincerely, your client(s).
            Summer Potter
            Summer P.
            15:14 28 Dec 18
            I highly recommend Nicole Pearlman for your case! They work with you and keep you informed 24/7. I received a great outcome for my case and that is strictly due to the hard work and dedication of Mrs. Pearlman and the rest of the team. 100% recommend!!
            Earl Currie
            Earl C.
            17:08 26 Dec 18
            Kelley Mulhern
            Kelley M.
            14:59 22 Dec 18
            Denmon-Pearlman has experienced and talented attorneys that can help with virtually any aspect of the law. As a firm, they are dedicated to each individual and work as hard for results on the smaller cases as they do on the big ones. They aren't afraid to take a case all the way to trial, and they are responsive to the needs and concerns of their clients. I would give Lee, Nicole, Christian, Nicole, Klarika, and the rest of the firm 10 stars if I could! Denmon-Pearlman has the expertise of a large firm, and they treat every client like family.
            roderick wilson
            roderick W.
            04:47 18 Dec 18
            I love what this law firm what they did for me i was granted back my freedom do to their Expertise in Court room Nicole really did her thing I recommend her to anybody that is in trouble or that needs a lawyer or law firm to overcome their charges or what they may be going through She was awesome she is always on time and I highly highly recommend her to any and everybody across the world She will get the job done in a timely fashion all you have to do is trust and believe in the process you were great I love everything about you and your love for me keep pushing to success and greatness and what you are💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯You can always get my money anytime any day thank you for everything that you do for me thank you once again
            Nancy Tallent
            Nancy T.
            14:04 13 Dec 18
            In May of 2017, I was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. Though I didn't have any noticeable external injuries, I knew immediately upon standing something happened to my back and leg. I was transported, via ambulance to the nearest hospital. I was examined and released, with instructions to follow-up with specialists. I had called 411-PAIN, at the scene and was contacted by Denmon-Pearlman that day. They have been with me from day one. Everyone working my case has always cared about me and my personal well-being. They guided me with kindness and understanding, as they knew this has forever changed my life, having suffered an injury, which has been a very emotional and scary time of my life. They have resolved my case in less than two years, which I understand can take even longer! With the guidance of their extrememly smart paralegals and attorney (who communicated with me personally). Please call these wonderful people if you ever need help with an automobile accident! I would give them 10 stars if I could! Thanks again to everyone at Denmon-Pearlman, from the receptionist to the paralegals, and attorney who worked my case! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
            Roxanne Edens
            Roxanne E.
            00:25 12 Nov 18
            I have used this Law Firm for my divorce and auto accident. I have recommended them to many others due to their outstanding support and drive to take of all of my needs and to be able to have the best outcome of my situations. I recently watched Lee and Jake take on a criminal defense case for someone close to me. Prior to hiring them the State had my friends back against the wall and things didn't look so good. After bringing Lee Pearlman and Jake onto the case, the dedication and hard work they provided as we walked into a two day trial was nothing short of amazing. Without them chances looked slim and dark, but because of them we WON and everything was dismissed!!! I have already recommended them to many and I will continue to recommend them to anyone that finds themselves in a legal situation with a 10 star rating!!! THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!
            Donyelle Williams
            Donyelle W.
            02:56 02 Oct 18
            Klarika Caplano is the greatest! Very helpful, patient with her clients, and she knows her stuff! I highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone to represent you! #bestattorneyever
            Angela Lucas
            Angela L.
            22:40 13 Sep 18
            Lyndsey Dolan-king
            Lyndsey D.
            01:05 08 Sep 18
            Lee Pearlman is fantastic! My brother had a difficult case and Mr. Pearlman stepped in and quite literally saved the day for my brother and our family. He is experienced, extremely kind, easy to get in contact with, and most importantly, gets the job done. Couldn’t be happier and if I’m ever in need of a lawyer again I’ll be going straight to him.
            Irina Sardinas
            Irina S.
            17:33 22 Aug 18
            Lee Pearlman recently represented me in my case. I am very happy he was able to achieve, such a strong outcome on my case. He is very knowledgeable, respectful, understanding and compassionate. I highly recommend him and his law firm.
            Justin Scott
            Justin S.
            20:52 19 Aug 18
            I came under the umbrella of Denmon Pearlman during a truly tumultuous time in my life, I honestly didn’t know what the outcome of my particular circumstance was going to be before I retained them, and to be honest I did not have much hope of a positive resolution. However, the moment I spoke with attorney Lee Pearlman, I knew that everything was going to be ok. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and will fight to make sure his clients are taken care of. He and Jake Pilsbury were able to achieve the greatest possible outcome in my case. I would emphatically recommend Lee or any of the attorneys at Denmon Pearlman to anyone seeking excellent representation from excellent attorneys.
            Courtney Pierre
            Courtney P.
            01:54 29 Jul 18
            I came to this firm facing a problem,and they handled my case and everything worked out perfect...thanks guys
            Aimee Rock
            Aimee R.
            21:12 24 Jul 18
            I recommend Lee Pearlman 150%. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of, from beginning to end. He is empathetic and genuinely cares that you get the best possible outcome. Lee was readily available to answer all of my questions and I couldn’t be happier with his service. I’ve already recommended him twice and will continue to do so.
            Nadja piciotto
            Nadja P.
            21:03 11 Jun 18
            Kristi Fitzpatrick
            Kristi F.
            16:38 02 Jun 18
            I was fortunate to have attorney Lee Pearlman handle my case. I’m very pleased with my decision to hire him. I wholeheartedly endorse him & would certainly retain his services again. He was dedicated to fighting for the best resolution possible. He takes complete control of the situation so that his clients can have piece of mind knowing they are in good hands. He is must have if you need legal service. Thank you!!!
            HIPPIE BOO
            HIPPIE B.
            21:23 01 Jun 18
            Tamara Olson
            Tamara O.
            16:37 24 May 18
            DENMAN & PEARLMAN Jake Pillsbury ReviewJake Pillsbury is an outstanding & highly recommended attorney. I was referred to Denman & Pearlman’s practice by a close family friend & was hopeful to find representation that would assist me through an extremely discouraging legal situation involving 5 pending felony charges, where my options of freedom & forgiveness were limited & not likely. Guilty convictions on these charges would have hindered my ability to find reputable work and limited my chances at a normal & successful life. I was mentally preparing for a dim future of a 5-time felon and was likely facing prison time until I retained Mr. Pillsbury as my choice of representation. Mr. Pillsbury took the time to really listen to me & build a rapport with me & build an understanding of who I am as a person, as opposed to allowing my charges to identify what kind of person I am. He thoroughly studied the facts of my case to efficiently translate his concerns to the judge and state attorneys on my behalf. He remained sincere, patient, involved and readily available to myself and my family to answer any questions or concerns throughout the entire process. Ultimately he fought hard & put forth tremendous effort to achieve the judge granting not only my release from jail, but also testified to me being a good candidate for a treatment program to provide me with the assistance I need at rebuilding my life and a promising future. I am more than grateful to have found and hired Mr. Pillsbury & sincerely appreciate all of the time, energy and effort he invested in me.
            Nenad Popic
            Nenad P.
            05:40 18 May 18
            Lee Pearlman is very professional, knowledgeable, and full of charisma. He worked hard and was determined to get the best outcome for my case. If you are lookong for someone to represent you look no further because this is hands down the best lawyer in the Tampa bay area and beyond.
            John Coll
            John C.
            10:18 17 May 18
            Jake Pillsbury has changed my perception of lawyers. He's been straightforward, responsive, and got the outcome we both were aiming for. It wasn't easy but Jake persevered. I feel very fortunate to have found Jake when I needed legal help, support, and results.
            Beyond Med
            Beyond M.
            21:01 14 May 18
            Lee Peerlman is a very personable and likable attorney that gets things done... He is a man of his word and got the best possible result for my DUI... If there is anything at all that can be done, he is the one that can do it... Every other lawyer did not even come close to offering the results he was able to provide.. I have had a few legal problems in my day and have used other lawyers to work with me, but I will never go elsewhere after having Lee work on my last case...
            Sean T
            Sean T
            22:05 09 May 18
            Me. Pearlman is an amazing attorney who made me feel like family. He Assisted me with my case from beginning to end and made me feel safe and taken care of throughout the entire process. 10 out of 10 would recommend to friends and family!
            Scott Michael
            Scott M.
            18:00 04 May 18
            Unfortunately I've had a couple of things to clear up in the last couple years. FORTUNATELY..I found Lee Pearlman. He's very professional, pays attention to detail and his ability to make you feel safe and calm is fantastic. He's smart and personable, I honestly think had we met under different circumstances, we would be good friends.
            Carly Murphree
            Carly M.
            13:48 01 May 18
            Nicole Denmon handled my criminal defense case and her tenacity at getting the desired result exceeded far beyond what I ever thought to hope for. Even after I had given up, Nicole persisted in negotiating my case until she was able to get the ideal outcome for me. I have never had an attorney fight for me the way that Nicole did, and weeks later I am still amazed at the perseverance and level of dedication shown by Nicole and her supporting staff. Thank you Nicole!
            Brad Logalbo
            Brad L.
            19:09 26 Apr 18
            Klarika did an outstanding job with our closing. She helped us close on our dream condo in less than 3 weeks which normally takes much longer. She is extremely knowledgeable and also is calm under hectic circumstances!! Also a shout out to Christian and Nicole Denmon, without their help and guidance we most likely would have lost our $20.000 good faith deposit. I would strongly recommend this firm for all your legal needs. In fact my family will use this firm for life!! Brad & erica logalbo
            James Boyle
            James B.
            19:02 25 Apr 18
            I highly recommend Lee and his team of lawyers, very professional , walked me through through my case and made it easier to bear with the best outcome possible .
            Angie Cassera
            Angie C.
            20:14 20 Apr 18
            Got a DUI ,, and Lee is the first person I called very happy with my outcome Best team of lawyers highly recommended. Felt extremely comfortable how they handled my situation and they treated me like I was apart of the team, thank you guys !!
            Jim Richards
            Jim R.
            14:06 11 Apr 18
            I was referred to Atty. Lee Pearlman by another attorney. I was having a family law issue that was both desperate and humbling. I was in a time of great need and on a timeline that needed to be satisfied quickly. The immediate attention and compassion to my needs that Lee gave was both comforting and successful. Everything that I needed was taken care of, even to my own surprise. My life was able to return to normal immediately. I would refer Lee to any of my friends & family without reservation.
            Jadrien Musharbash
            Jadrien M.
            23:01 02 Apr 18
            I hired Mr. Lee Pearlman and he was very excellent. I was questioned for very serious false accusations and Mr. Pearlman was very understanding, and compassionate to see how outrageous these false claims made were against me. His rates were very fair. He got in and took care of business as my case was dismissed, and I am very happy and appreciative of his services. If you need an attorney for anything at all Mr. Lee Pearlman is the professional legal help that is unrivaled.
            Mirtha Ramirez
            Mirtha R.
            11:12 28 Mar 18
            (Translated by Google) They are very professional and good treatment. Especially for lee and anisley thank you.(Original)Ellos son muy profesionales y buen trato.en especial para lee y anisley gracias.
            Martin Smith
            Martin S.
            00:21 03 Feb 18
            The amount of gratitude and thanks I want to express to Lee and his team is unfathomable. Lee’s communication and professionalism during this difficult time for me was exceptional. He always kept me informed during each step of the process. It is evident that Lee has a tremendous of respect within the court system, which led to my favorable result. Results- which at the end of the day is what is most important thing when searching for a Law firm. I couldn’t recommend a better Lawyer than Lee Pearlman. Lee- thank you so much for everything during this time!
            Jodi Holcomb
            Jodi H.
            19:50 24 Jan 18
            Lee Pearlman, a phenomenal defense attorney! And now a family friend! Being unsure where to start in finding a lawyer to represent my husband, I reached out to a co-workers husband that is a lawyer, and for our particular case, he let me know that if he were in my husband's situation, he would want Lee for the job. I am happy to say that was the best advice he could have provided to me because it did not disappoint. From the beginning stages, pre-trials, motions, bond hearing to trial he offered great insight of how things could play out always keeping me informed. Lee moved with a purpose; he didn't delay, his time efficiency moving thru our case as quickly as possible and got the job done. His ability to use other resources when necessary was essential. Nicole Denmon paired with Lee in the trial were a fantastic team and went above and beyond to battle for us. Going thru an experience like that isn't one you would hope ever to go thru, but the entire staff is so friendly, professional and helpful. This office of people just made the experience the very best it could be! Thank you!
            Austin Holcomb
            Austin H.
            16:00 24 Jan 18
            Look no further, you have found the best law firm ever created. It will be the best decision you make adding them to your team. Unparalleled and unmatched they indeed set the standard & raised the bar and are shaping the future for attorneys. I was appointed Lee Pearlman in my case. I was looking at a capital offense, so my life was literally in his hands. My wife hired him, and we both can say he is the best attorney out there. But he is also an amazing person. With such a scary monster of a case I had and my life on the line, they gave me peace of mind throughout the whole situation. It wasn't a simple case with a few moving parts, but Lee showed versatility, depth and with a tremendous amount of resources to handle any problem or situation. He kept everything realistic for me and managed everything promptly, pushing relentlessly to resolve my case and get me 陕西福彩app官方下载 to my family. He went way above the call of duty; he was there for me, my wife, my son, and family every step of the way. Even though we didn't have all the money, you could tell it wasn't about the money but rather his compassion for fighting for truth and justice. He handled a capital offense in 10months; he definitely is a trial attorney. He will take it the distance for you with the best qualities an attorney could have. He is aggressive, professional, confident, focused, talented, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. His skill and hard work are surpassed only by his modesty and compassion with attention to detail. He will get the job done. Lee added Nicole Denmon to assist on my case in trial, and I can say the same for her. Truly an amazing team, the best attorneys and phenomenal firm I can call family. Thank you for everything.
            Samantha Ivory
            Samantha I.
            19:53 23 Jan 18
            I honestly cannot thank Lee Pearlman, and his staff enough for all of their hard work on my case! Every question I could think of, no matter the time of day, was always answered. Lee is honest, intelligent, and always kept me informed with what was to be expected in court. I felt very confident and a sense of calmness knowing Lee was on top of things regarding my case. I’ve never been in any trouble before, and I was a wreck at the thought of a criminal record. Lee was upfront from the beginning about what could happen, wether it be good or bad, and assured me he could handle the situation I was in. He did just that, my charges were dropped and the case was dismissed! I would highly recommend Lee to anyone in any trouble, you won’t regret it! Thank you so much Lee Pearlman!
            Nicole Denmon
            Nicole D.
            18:40 28 Nov 17
            15:18 22 Oct 17
            I highly recomemd Lee Pearlmen. He is very professional, deligent with a lot of expiriense. He handel my case, and was found not guilty. Im very impressed.
            Jeff Haddock
            Jeff H.
            20:46 20 Oct 17
            The best!!!!
            Aaron dewwork
            Aaron D.
            21:53 27 Aug 17
            Great lawyer firm
            xavier groves
            xavier G.
            01:53 09 Aug 17
            awesome lawyer and very professional. I've personally been using Lee for years and he's always efficient. Can't thank you enough. Highly recommended
            Jason Hunter
            Jason H.
            15:22 13 Jul 17
            I greatly appreciate the Denmon law group. They have been extremely helpful with a few different needs, honest, reliable, professional, prompt, and continue to exceed my expectations. I highly recommend them. thank you!
            Christopher Holbrooks
            Christopher H.
            22:17 31 May 17
            Lee Pearlman stepped up for me and got me exactly what I was looking for and I know he wouldn't have anybody in his firm under his name that couldn't do the same...Tampa friends when I tell you it would be a mistake to go with any other firm I mean that..
            Dale Jahnke-Davis
            Dale J.
            17:26 17 May 17
            Lee is amazing, he is the best there is. I promise you if you need the right guy you got him with Lee Pearlman !
            hamilton t
            hamilton t
            16:14 11 May 17
            By far the best Lawyer. Smart, and understanding. He handled my case and the outcome was favorable. Called back right away. Answered all my questions.
            William Miller
            William M.
            02:41 02 May 17
            Pearlman is a great lawyer. Very easy to talk to and was able to handle my situation with ease after another lawyer told me it couldn't be done.
            Alexandria Potter
            Alexandria P.
            18:39 22 Apr 17
            I hired Lee Pearlman in August of last year. I found him through friends of friends. Hiring Mr. Pearlman to represent me was the best decision I EVER could have made for the situation I was in. He is the most responsible, knowledgeable, and respectable person I have ever met. He was there any time I needed to talk or had questions about my case. He was just a phone call or text away. He took care of everything from the day I hired him. Whether it was paperwork, things I needed to do, or things he was going to take care of, he was always on top of it. That period was the worst period of my life and Mr. Pearlman was always there explaining everything that was going on. He was always such a comfort. He was very thorough in explaining the situation, but also very understanding and considerate in how he spoke. I always knew he was doing what was best for me and my case. We received an amazing outcome for my case. I never thought that it was going to be possible. He resolved my case before having to go to trial, which was huge for me. I will continue to recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.
            Chris Thomas
            Chris T.
            01:44 19 Apr 17
            Lee Pearlman is a very professional, respected and truly dedicated attorney. Got myself in a situation in which Mr. Pearlman was there for me through the whole process never leaving my side and made himself available for any questions or concerns. He is very understanding and does his best to work with his clients and at no time treated me as a number and or another file on his desk. I would definitely recommend him.
            Thomas Humphreys
            Thomas H.
            18:14 31 Mar 17
            I have nothing but great things to say about Denmon and Denmon. Clear, concise and professional from day one and throughout. They went above and beyond the call of duty, and I would not go anywhere else. Cannot recommend them enough.
            MandM Video Games tampa
            MandM Video Games T.
            18:51 25 Mar 17
            Spoke to a few lawyers before choosing Lee Pearlman. I liked both the price and what he had to say. He did an amazing job with handling my case, even went to trail. He was a 100 times more confident and prepared then any of the other lawyers. This is someone who goes 100% for you and doesn't hold anything back.
            Merrill Frazier
            Merrill F.
            13:21 10 Mar 17
            Getting into a situation requiring a defense attorney is a stressful and terrifying experience, at least for me it was. Lee Pearlman was open and honest with me about my situation from the start. While he was great at assuring me about things that he had under control, he was also quick to point out things that could go badly, which I appreciated very much. His perspective and honesty helped me to believe in his assessments through all of the ups and downs of a long legal battle.Attorneys are not inexpensive. However, you absolutely get what you pay for. When I compare how Lee handled my case to others that had a similar situation that had either public defenders or cut-rate lawyers, I realized that it was an investment in my own future and one that I know paid off. In other words, Lee's fees have already paid for themselves in spades.
            CAROL & JIM ASKEVICH
            CAROL & JIM A.
            02:59 09 Mar 17
            I hired Lee Pearlman to represent me and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. He was very professional, courteous, honest and really good at what he does. He always made himself available when I had questions or concerns. I was extremely pleased with my outcome. If you're looking for a great attorney, he is your man.
            20:45 15 Feb 17
            Great Firm! Lee Pearlman was very helpful in getting my case dismissed- Thanks Lee! I would Highly Recommend!
            Christus Papamichael
            Christus P.
            12:32 15 Dec 16
            Honestly, it was devastating to find myself in this predicament and I was terrified; until my first conversation with my Attorney Mr. Pearlman. Mr. Pearlman gave me a step by step attack plan and he came through and we got the results we were looking for with my case. In the long run Mr. Pearlman saved me a HUGE amount of time and money. I highly recommend him, he is worth the peace of mind.
            Char Cepeda
            Char C.
            19:36 09 Dec 16
            Lee and his staff are very knowledgeable and delivered a favorable outcome for us!
            Mike Batchelder
            Mike B.
            16:05 23 Nov 16
            Lee Pearlman came highly recommended to me by co-workers, after the initial meeting I felt comfortable that I made the right decision in selecting a lawyer to represent me in my case. Lee had told me the first day what he was expecting the outcome to be and sure enough he delivered! If you find yourself needing legal representation...LOOK NO FURTHER than Pearlman & Clark.
            Valerie Kuprewicz
            Valerie K.
            20:05 03 Nov 16
            If you are trying to find yourself a caring, yet honest and hardworking attorney, hire Lee Pearlman. He has helped me through the years with 5 different cases. Each case, Lee was very honest and thorough with his research and diligence. His honesty stems from just being a very good natured, tell it the way it is kind of man. He does not sugar coat anything but argues in the court room till he knows he has the best case scenario. From Mr. Pearlman's long term experience and background in law, he knows his competition in the court room and has a strong familiarity with each individual judge. I highly recommend Lee Pearlman to serve you in your unfortunate circumstance.
            Banjo Kavar
            Banjo K.
            18:55 20 Oct 16
            My name is Victoria, and Lee Pearlman represented me in a civil matter, which was resolved in mediation, and in a criminal matter that settled in a lesser and fair conviction with the best possible outcome.Lee's assistant Ashley and Lee both took every call, text, message and email, and worked hard to make me feel regularly acknowledged and treated me with complete respect during both matters.I would personally recommend Lee to anyone dealing with a simple civil case or a criminal matter like a DUI defense or otherwise. I have personally overheard the prosecution/state comment to Lee that "once we (they) knew you (Lee) were on the case, we knew we had to get to work!"I cannot thank Lee enough for the AMAZING yet reasonably priced help he has provided me. He truly was a life saver.
            Kyle Schlatterer
            Kyle S.
            16:46 26 Sep 16
            Lee represented my case with the up-most professionalism. He was always easy to get a hold of and made me feel comfortable having my case in his hands. Not only was he extremely friendly but he was also effective and got me the best possible outcome in my case. If you're looking for a professional attorney who also goes out of his way to make his clients feel at 陕西福彩app官方下载, then I highly recommend Lee Pearlman.
            jena valen
            jena V.
            18:11 12 Sep 16
            Words do very little to express just how amazing this firm is! Honest, intelligent, educated, The List goes on! if you want success and victory you want Nicole Denmon and her team it is just as simple as that!
            H Man
            H M.
            17:03 01 Sep 16
            I had the misfortune one evening, while walking my dog, of running into an extremely reckless police officer who decided to arrest me for absolutely no reason at all. I was charged with only one thing. Resisting arrest without violence (A class D misdemeanor) which of course begs the question “Arrest for what?” How this can be a stand-alone charge is baffling to anyone except those who earn their living in the JUST-US system. I am 51 years old with a clean record and a conceal carry permit. Apparently, being harassed and abused by the state is perfectly reasonable now in America while it descends into becoming a banana republic. After I spent five hours in jail, I was released on $100 bond. Two months went by and to my shock, our repugnant, money hungry court system decided to indict me on this single, bulls**t charge. The greed and corruption of our government knows no bounds. Thrust into this ridiculous situation I needed to find an attorney. There was no way in hell that I was going to plea to something that I didn’t do. I found Lee primarily by searching for a civil rights attorney. Also, I read countless reviews of people who have used him in the past. So I retained Mr. Pearlman. Despite our bad luck of getting a draconian judge who denied our motion to dismiss the case, it was nevertheless reduced to a civil infraction literally the day before the trial was to begin with no fines or court costs. All thanks to Lee. There are plenty of slimy lawyers out there as we all know. I assure you that Lee is not one of them. If you are smart and want the best results for a reasonable fee, hire Lee Pearlman. As you can clearly read for yourself from the many reviews, including mine, Lee is the man. Period.
            Enmanuel Herrera
            Enmanuel H.
            19:41 29 Aug 16
            great people to get help from they are very helpful and knowable on their fields. Any time my friends or family need any type of legal help I sent them to see Christian or Nicole Denmon.
            Jeff Y
            Jeff Y
            14:46 10 Jun 16
            Denmon and Denmon helped me with a divorce case and I was pleased with the service they provided. The team was courteous and responsive. I would recommend them to friends and family.
            Mel Sams
            Mel S.
            13:40 09 May 16
            Mr. Pearlman represented me after an auto accident, and I am extremely happy with the service that I received. He got me a much larger settlement than I had expected.
            Johnna Tackett
            Johnna T.
            17:53 18 Apr 16
            Labor Day weekend 2015 I got a DUI. Unfamiliar with the criminal court systems and having a clean driving record I was Very scared and only wanted the Best to defend me. After doing a lot of research I had picked a lawyer that was known as the DUI guy, after going and meeting with him I had to think more about it as I did not think he was the guy for me. That same day I received a call from Lee Pearlman, as I had received many calls and letters in the mail I was unsure. After thinking it over and doing A lot of research I called Mr. Pearlman very late night, he answered and told him I would like to meet with him, and which I did the next day. I could not have chosen a better lawyer and I come from a family of police and defense attorneys. Mr. Pearlman assured me from the beginning he would fight his hardest till the end, which he did. Not only did he go above and beyond to assure me I would be able to keep my license he was able to have the charge reduced and two of them dismissed! Mr. Pearlman always returned my calls if he didn't answer them(while in court). He kept me updated constantly on what was going on with my case and always put me at ease knowing I would have the best possible outcome. During this time my grandmother passed away(whom raised me) and not only was I facing my first criminal charge I had to bury my grandmother. Again mr. Pearlman went above and beyond to deal with all legal matters on my behalf, while going through this difficult time. In the end all I can say is I was very blessed to have come across this man who not only is extremely knowledgeable of criminal defense but has a heart of gold and willing to fight till the end for you. Very professional and personable I would highly highly recommend Pearlman to anyone facing criminal charges, as I received the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. Thank you Lee!
            Ditart Abdi
            Ditart A.
            16:56 07 Apr 16
            I strongly recommend Lee Pearlman to anyone who needs and aggressive and very knowledgeable to defend you . Lee thank you for getting me out of a big mess.
            Pilar Toppo
            Pilar T.
            14:43 28 Jan 16
            Denmon & Denmon were outstanding in resolving my legal issues. Christian and Nicole Denmon are very knowledgeable in their fields, and very personable. Their genuine concern for me and my family gave us enormous relief knowing that we had the right attorneys fighting for us. I was referred to their law group, and received exceptional attention and service. They make themselves available for answering questions. I am simply very happy that I found a law group that has helped me through a tough time in my life, and made it easy for me to get through it.
            Michael McWaters
            Michael M.
            15:09 25 Sep 15
            So glad I found and hired Lee Pearlman! He kept me informed on what was happening at all stages of the process. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I'm very happy with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Lee and I would use him again if needed.
            Philip Meads
            Philip M.
            02:47 29 Aug 15
            I was going through a misdemeanor drug charge. I got a lot of lawyer cards in the mail even called a few but none seemed confident in helping me. I hired Mr. Pearlman at the suggestion of a friend. Within minutes of contacting him and leaving a message, I got a return call with him putting my mind at ease. He was able to help me step by step in get the best resolution of my case. If by any other unfortunate incidents happen again Mr. Pearlman will be the first number I call. I would also recommend him to anyone else going through anything requiring a lawyer.
            Matthew Dorsey
            Matthew D.
            16:28 20 Aug 15
            I’d like to take a moment to share some kind words about my attorney, Mr. Lee Pearlman. I retained Mr. Pearlman, upon a personal referral, to assist me with a DUI infraction in April 2015. Mr. Pearlman and his team went straight to work on my case. From that point, I was never left in the dark regarding the status of my case. Mr. Pearlman and his team knew EXACTLY what needed to be done! Through their dedicated effort and hard work, Mr. Pearlman got my DUI suppressed in August 2015. Case closed!
            Marcie Riches
            Marcie R.
            16:53 18 Aug 15
            As painful as it is to have to divorce, worse is having to go back to court to enforce it. I couldn't have asked for better support throughout the ordeal.
            Patrice Koerper Robson
            Patrice Koerper R.
            20:49 10 Aug 15
            I have know Chris Denmon personally for many years, but never expected to need him professionally. From the moment I called, Chris put me at ease. His knowledge and experience were evident; he explained everything in detail and he made sure I knew what to expect each step of the way. He did a great job following-up, answered my many questions and made sure my best interests were front and center at all times. Thank you Chris, you made a subject and process that was completely foreign to me easy to understand and follow and you did so with kindness and professionalism.
            Scott Wostbrock
            Scott W.
            20:46 19 Jun 15
            I was referred to Lee by a very close friend. My friend gave me his personal cell number and instructed me to give him a call. She was confident that he was the person I needed to reach out to and am I glad that I did. Not having any prior criminal convictions and not being familiar with the system I obviously was very concerned and afraid with what might happen. So, I contacted Lee the very next morning. I went over my situation with Lee while he listened intently. When I was done Lee began to speak with total confidence and conviction as to what our plan of action should be. By the time this call was over I had a tremendous feeling of instant relief. I knew I was in good hands. Throughout the entire process Lee kept me well informed. He knows the ins and outs of the system and was very well respected by everyone I came in contact with him. Needless to say I got the best outcome anybody could hope for. A total dismissal of my charges. If you or anyone you know that finds themselves in a situation where they need legal representation I without any reservation whole heartedly can tell you to call Lee Pearlman. You won’t regret it if you do, but you might if you don’t call him.
            Dan W.
            Dan W.
            14:49 11 May 15
            Lee Pearlman embodies professionalism and will do everything in his power to ensure a positive outcome for your case. Above all, he is patient and responsive – two necessary traits when dealing with stressed clients. After an enormous amount of hard work, Lee was able to achieve the exact results I desired. Lee Pearlman goes the extra mile – unlike many other attorneys.
            Jacobe Salb
            Jacobe S.
            17:56 05 Jan 15
            Lee Pearlman did an amazing job with helping my case.When I got arrested, I was charged a DUI and it was my first time this happening to me. After I chose him to become my lawyer, he actually was able to push the DUI to a "wet" reckless driving which was amazing. He always kept me updated me on new information of my case on his side. I made sure everything was on time with doing the DUI school and getting a hardship license and he would let know where to be when he needed me. If you ever have any trouble dealing with a DUI, Pearlman is the lawyer for you!!!!
            Danny Burns
            Danny B.
            23:58 30 Sep 14
            I have been working with Mr. Lee Pearlman for about a year now. He's been nothing but exceptionally great in resolving my DUI traffic violation and also taking care of my cannabis "drug" charges. He was there for me whenever I needed additional information from him about my cases. Mr. Pearlman provided outstanding communication as well as professionalism in the service he provided at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Mr. Lee Pearlman to anyone in need of legal counseling
            Jeannette Fehr
            Jeannette F.
            04:46 15 Aug 14
            From the minute we met Mr. Pearlman we knew we had the right man for our case. He was extremely respectful and kind. The fact that he is a criminal attorney lets you know that our case was very serious in nature. Mr. Pearlman treated us in a very respectful manner. He spent hours looking into our case and got the evidence needed to have the charges dismissed. He kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend this attorney.
            Deb Meredith
            Deb M.
            21:52 07 Dec 13
            Hon. Lee Pearlman represents my husband in a DUI Case. He has done an outstanding JOB! My husband and I are very satisfied with his representation and outcome on the case.If we need any legal representation again, we will definitely retain his services.We Highly Recommend Mr. Pearlman to anyone with a DUI or Criminal Charge.He made us feel at ease through out the process.
            JU DOLLAZ
            JU D.
            02:39 05 Dec 13
            Ray Sommer
            Ray S.
            16:16 28 Dec 12
            For Judy....Driving 陕西福彩app官方下载 one night on 19 we had a problem with an officer concerning our stopping for an accident up ahead.Needless to say we did not agree with the ticket or how it was handled. This turned out to be an felony offense.Lee was highly recommended by other law officers in Pinellas County.Lee saw us right away, listen intently and was on the case.Lee constantly kept us informed on status and how the case was progressing.His knowledge of the system and the people we would be involved with enabled him to have the case dismissed.We also highly recommend Lee.
            Mickey Powell
            Mickey P.
            01:34 11 Aug 12
            I originally signed on with Mr. Pearlman while he was with his old firm, but was so pleased with the personal attention I got that I transferred with him to his new firm. This was my first experience with legal trouble, and he is very knowledgeable, went over every possible scenario and the related actions, leading to and resulting from, and was very personable to boot. Mr. Tetreault was much of the same, their communication between themselves was great for when Lee couldn't appear for my hearing (case was out of immediate locale.) I would very much recommend them
            Rachel Fitzpatrick
            Rachel F.
            21:00 04 Jun 12
            Lee Pearlman represented me in my first experience with any legal trouble. He took time to thoroughly explain my situation and my options and was always available for me when I had questions. Lee ended up getting me the best possible result: all charges dropped! I would use him again and again (although, hopefully I won't have to!)
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